Michel Cardin bwOriginally from Montréal and working in the Maritimes since 1980, Michel Cardin has gained international recognition as a teacher, a performer, a musicologist and a producer. He is currently full professor of guitar and lute at the Department of Music of the University of Moncton (Canada), with a PhD equivalence status, and has made 12 compact discs of solo Baroque lute music and duos with flute. This series of recordings, consisting for the most part of world premieres, is dedicated to The London Manuscript by Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750), the undisputed master of the instrument. The enormous enthusiasm for these recordings, shared by critics and the general public alike provides unambiguous justification for the re-discovery of such a great composer. Michel Cardin has given concerts, conferences and masterclasses in both Americas, Europe, Japan and Africa.